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As one of the Leading and best Filter Cage Manufacturer, Mak-Pol Industries is instrumental in providing a wide range of filter cages, such as Horizontal Filter Cages, Small Size Filter Cages, Circular Filter Cages, Sheet Type Filter Cages, and Venturi Cages. Being one of the top Filter Cage Manufacturers, we deal in different types of woven & non-woven filter materials for varied industries, including Food & Beverage, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Steel Power station, Paper industry, Cement industry, and other Industrial Segments, Fertilizer, Mining, Paper, Metal, Cement, Health-care, Refining, etc. These filter cages are ideal for solid-liquid, air, air-solid, and liquid-solid filtration. They require low maintenance and are very good in heat recovery. Their practical efficiency is very high and their effectiveness is not affected by gas-dust composition.

The filter cages manufactured by us are light and easy for installation and maintenance. Every Filter cage is manufactured by us is to cater to requirements for smoothness, tightness, and uprightness. Depending on the requirements, they can be silicone coating or galvanized coating. They come with any length of dia and are carbon or steel coated.

Key Features and Specifications of Support Cage/ Filter Cage:

  • Carbon steel or SS304, 316,316L are the materials of our filter cage.
  • The type of connection can be chuck, clamp, claw join connection
  • They are available in oval, round ring or envelope, or star
  • Surface treatment: zinc-galvanization or silicon coating or epoxy
  • They are designed to have Zinc galvanized Surface Finish
  • Vertical Wire:- 10, 12 & 20 most common; 5,6,8,16 & 24 also available

The standard ring spacing is 6 inches or 8 inches. The diameter of the filter cage can range between 4 inches to 8 inches (100mm to 200mm) and the wire thickness is between 2mm and 5mm. Galvanized steel, carbon steel, and stainless steel are the materials. Further our filter cages are packed with custom designs.

As one of the reputable filter cage manufacturers, we are supported by strong quality control professionals who keep an eye on the quality of the product. They carry out various checks during the manufacturing process to ensure the best products are dispatched to our valuable customers.

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