FD Fan Manufacturers

FD Fan Manufacturers

FD Fan

Mak-Pol Industries is one of the best FD fan manufacturers, engaged in manufacturing high-quality forced draft (FD) fans made of top-grade quality raw materials that ensure excellent performance and durability. Our FD fans are easy to produce turbulence which is beneficial for heat transfer by ensuring lower operating costs. FD Fans push air through the combustion air supply system and into the furnace and supply the air required for fuel combustion. Located at the inlet of the boiler, the FD fan pushes high-pressure fresh air into the combustion chamber that gets mixed with the fuel for producing the required pressure.

Typically, forced draft fans are designed to supply air into a system. They are a significant part of steam boiler assembly. Also known as pressure blowers, the primary function of FD fans designed by Mak-Pol industries is to employ boiler systems and exhaust combustion products from boilers. These fans take suction from the atmosphere and then through an air pre-heater.

Suitable Industries for FD Fan

As one of the top FD fan manufacturers, we manufacture FD Fans that are suitable for various industries, such as cement, energy, chemical, petrochemical, control of air pollution, pharmaceutical, mining, extraction of dust, ventilation, and handling fire gas. We believe that there are different processes where operations are not suitable for standard duty fans.

Being a leading FD fan manufacturing company, we are able to design custom products to meet different requirements of our clients who are having challenges of high abrasion, high temperature, low density, and high speed. Our fans come equipped with water-cooled bearing blocks and mechanical labyrinth seals. They are made using advanced technologies and robust-quality raw materials. So, our FD fans are known for continuous duty operation. They keep air quality within the process environment.

Backed by high-quality professionals, Mak-Pol Industries has the ability to customize FD fans that produce low noise, and improve the working conditions of your staff. Our products are an optimum choice for the industries that use boiler systems.

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