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Mak-Pol Industries is one of the forthcoming FBD Bag Manufacturers in Ghaziabad, India. FBD bags are popularly known as Fluid bed dryers. It is a type of equipment that is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry to dry granule advents and liquid solvents using FBD finger bags. It reduces the moisture content of water and other liquid solvents of pharmaceutical granules and powder. It is used under the heat transfer system where fresh air enters by forced convection within the required temperature.

Mak-Pol Industries is engaged in manufacturing a premium range of FBD Bag, basically making use of first-grade stainless steel, along with the prime quality of PP Polyester, PP Satin, and PP Antistatic fabrics. We are using a contemporary technique like a removable bowl attached to the base of the dryer which is used for loading and unloading material inside. On the top, a fan is attached to circulate the hot air for the process of drying. The FBD bag is used for the filtration and drying purposes of liquid solutions. Our FBD bags encapsulate several different industries including chemical, mining, metal, paper, cement, refining, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and several other foods, drug, and beverage industries.

Though, the drying up of chemicals/formulations is a critical task. Having the ultra-modern infrastructure at our own nail, we use the futuristic and the most sophisticated technology equipped with modern machinery that minimizes the contamination level in powders. Our manufactured FBD Bags which ensures non-sticky, low product loss, and excellent finish.

Being one of the trusted FBD bag manufacturers in the industry, we deliver premium quality FBD bags that come up with the advantages that make it the most popular FBD bag in the food and drug industry. See the advantages given below:

We manufacture filter cloth which is ideal for multiple industries and applications, including serving industries such as Lubricant oil plants, Edible oil plants, Pharmaceuticals plants, microcrystalline cellulose plants, and Maize plants. The specialties of our clothes include gravity filtration with limited head loss and continuous filtration without standby units for the backwash phases. Cloth filter in polstoff-free fiber provided with high mechanical strength.

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion
  • Extremely durable construction and standard finish
  • Increase surface area for hassle-free operation
  • High airflow rates combined with efficient particle retention to solidify the liquid solvent
  • Eco-friendly by nature recyclable after use

If you are looking for the most trusted FBD bag manufacturers, Mak-Pol Industries is the largest FBD bag supplier that delivers filter bags that meet international quality standards. The more the marrier, these bags are available in different sized as per customers' specification ends. Available with us the complete range of fabrics, pore sizes and customize designs that match your needs and ensure a long life of the products. It is most available with us at reasonable rates as well.

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