Filter Press Manufacturer

Filter Press Manufacturers

Filter Press Manufacturers

Makpol Industries is one of the prominent and well-known Filter Press Manufacturers that specialized in manufacturing and supplying top-class filter presses for liquid and solid separation. Makpol Industries has a team of experts who manufacture a wide range of filter presses of different capacities which easily fit into a particular application for a trouble-free dewatering process. We manufacture filter presses for a variety of sectors and applications including chemical production, food and beverage processing, power generation, mining, asphalt, and cement production, steel mills, municipal plants, and more places for liquid and solid separation.

As a filter press manufacturer, we specialized in manufacturing filter presses which separates useful from harmful. We constantly create valued items, and ought to have an extremely prepared framework. We manufacture filter press that separates liquid and solids using pressure filtration that dewaters the liquid under pressure and transforms the solids into the cake. Once the chambers are full the filter cakes are getting ready to be released. For quick and automatic operation higher capacity filter presses are employed that speed up the cycle time. Each filter press is basically a specified design based depends upon the industry, application and operation such as filtration capacity, filter plate size, number of chambers, filter plate size, and fabrication materials, additionally, some systems include, automatic plate shifters, drip tray, cake shields and safety light curtains, etc.

The Key Benefit of Filter Press

  • Constant operation for long hours in a harsh environment
  • Capture excessive amount of solids
  • Extensive processing capacity
  • Low power consumption good for the environment
  • Fewer assembled components ease for maintenance
  • Wear and tear use in hassle-free operations
  • Long-serving life

Mak-Pol Industries is an expert leader of Filter Press Manufacturing who develop finest products with guarantee and steadfast quality that serves for years. Moreover, we manufacture many sizes of filter presses to utilize multiple types of filter plates, such as membrane squeeze, recessed chamber, plate and frame.

Our Work Environment

Mak-Pol Industries have state-of-art infrastructure and our organization combines with different units such as production, research and development, quality division, and so on, where our talented experts experience with depth of their knowledge in the industry. So we design our high-end product to make their users run their operation as smoothly as possible.

Being a trusted Filter Press Manufacturer, we ensure our commitment to provide innovative and qualitative products to the customer, we focus on improvement of customers satisfaction, improve manufacturing proficiency and effectiveness, healthy and safe work environment for product and employees growth as well.

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