Filter Cloth Manufacturers

Filter Cloth Manufacturers

Filter Cloth for Industrial liquid filtration

Mak-Pol Industries is one of the most popular filter cloth manufacturers, traders, exporters, and suppliers. Our range of filter clothes includes polyester filter fabric, filter cloth, antistatic woven filter cloth, and paint booth filter cloth fabric. The Fabric Quality of our filter cloth includes Polypropylene, Polyester, Multifilament, Nylon, Cotton, silk, etc. We manufacture a filter cloth that is tailored to meet today’s dynamic requirements. Our experts manufacture this filter cloth using top-class materials in compliance with industry standards.

As a Filter Cloth Manufacturer, we manufacture filters that particulates as small as 1 millimeter out of exhaust gas. The bag material can differ to a great extent and include natural or synthetic materials. The range of filter cloth is widely used in different industries because they are accurate in dimensions, have high filtration, have a longer service life, and come in standard sizes, including 26",32"'38"42"50" & 60". We also customize products up to 60" inches.

Industries And Applications of Filter Cloth

We manufacture filter cloth which is ideal for multiple industries and applications, including serving industries such as Lubricant oil plants, Edible oil plants, Pharmaceuticals plants, microcrystalline cellulose plants, and Maize plants. The specialties of our clothes include gravity filtration with limited head loss and continuous filtration without standby units for the backwash phases. Cloth filter in polstoff-free fiber provided with high mechanical strength.

  • Ensure and higher cake solids content.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Easy filter cake discharge.
  • Standard or customized design.
  • Ensure proper separation of even small particle sizes.
  • Up to 20% longer filter cloth lifetime.
  • High stability, even on surfaces.

To fabricate filter cloth, experts at Mak-Pol Industries use quality approved nonwoven and woven filter media. It is available in various designs, colors, patterns, and sizes. This product is applicable in the chemical, steel, food & beverage industries. It is also used in different industries including agriculture, chemical, and pharmaceutical.

Why Us?

As one of India's top filter cloth manufacturers, we’re committed to ensuring a quick and responsive turnaround time in manufacturing and supplying our products. We work with reliable suppliers to make sure that we have on-hand the filter cloth materials required for your specific application. To manufacture and supply filter cloth, our team of experts utilizes their extensive expertise and knowledge to make industry-centric products. We consider a range of segments and factors, such as the product to be filtered, its pH, temperature, feed pressure, solids concentration, the desired residual moisture, and the filtration time. We’re committed to the best quality cloth filter coupled with industry-leading lead times!

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