Pleated filter bags

Mak Pol Industries is recognized Manufacturers of Pleated Filter Bags in Ghaziabad. We are serving the society by providing the application through which one can filter out the waste and useful material. Filter Bags can be available in various types but it all depends upon the way you use it and the type of application you are trying with it. These Pleated Filter Bags are also called pleated cartridges or say the pleated elements. These Pleated Filter Bags are helpful in saving time, energy and money.

If we use the pleats in filter then it gives the greater cloth area than the normal filter bags. These pleated bags allow these bags to load the larger amount of dust and operate it a lower differential pressure.

Because it has a larger cloth area so it requires the less space to filter so it adds up to the substantial savings of cost. This system operates by using less compressed air which in turns reduces the cleaning cycles. Pleated filter Bags in comparison have longer durability and the improved part of performance.

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