Filter Bags Manufacturers

We manufacture filter bags from the best woven and Non-woven materials which we import from leading textiles.

Product Features

As a Filter Bag Manufacturer, We have the capability to handle a comprehensive range of filter bags including volume requirements as well as the flexibility to manufacture one-offs. Our standards ensure that the finished product is produced in accordance with our Quality Control manual.

About Us

Mak-Pol Industries deals in various types of woven & non-woven filter bags for different kinds of industries for air, liquid, solid, air-solid and liquid-solid filtration. These industries include Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Mining, Metal, Paper, Cement, Health-care, Refining etc. Our precision fabrics and other filter articles help our clients to get value for money with maximum filtration quality in minimum time.

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Why Choose Us

We help our customers get value for maximum quality in minimum time of precision fabric and other filters. Based on our technical knowledge and experience in filter bag manufacturing, we specialize in providing consultancy and total-solutions to our clients' filtration related needs and problems. So that our customer is satisfied with us and our company's product and also tell other people about us.

Total satisfaction of our customers is the key to the growth of MAK-POL INDUSTRIES in the field of industrial fabrics and filtration accessories.

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Our Services

Makpol Industries has experience in manufacturing comprehensive Industrial filter bags and Fans. Our manufacturing units have the capability to manufacture filter bags in large volumes efficiently. We manufacture filter bags and other products in accordance with our quality control manual and international manufacturing standards.


We are providing pollution control system's maintanence, spares at very economical price with best quality service and products.


We repair solenoid valves, sequential timer, blower, electric motor at very economical price with best quality spares.


We also fabricate all customized items as your drawing or sample in MS and SS.

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