Id Fan Manufacturers

Id Fan Manufacturers

Id Fan Manufacturers

Makpol industries as an Id Fan Manufacturer offer fans that is designed to produce negative pressure in a combustion air system like a kiln. This ID (Inducted Draught) fan is most often used in the boiler, Furnaces, Dust Collection, and Ovens. Being one of the leading ID fan manufacturers, Mak-Pol Industries makes, supplies, distributes, and exports world-class and highly sophisticated ID fans that are known for high impeller life, less power consumption, less maintenance, excellent after-sales support, and higher bearing life.

We give special attention and care during the manufacturing process of ID Fans. The product is the result of our dedicated team of experts who are committed to manufacturing a quality product range and conducting regular checks. All our ID fans are statically and dynamically balanced on the machine. This allows our fans to run at high efficiency, giving considerable power savings and meeting IS Grade.

The specialty of Our ID Fans

As one of the leading ID Fan Manufacturer, we use different types of energy-efficient machines, so that we are able to offer remarkable service life and offer products that come with an unbearable strength. The ID fans that manufacture by us have the capability to remove flue gasses from combustion chambers. It is done by creating a vacuum of negative air pressure (typically -10 mm Hg).

Located between dust precipitators (ESPs) and Chimney, these fans can also handle hot air and dust. ID Fans serve two functions. First, they can create a negative pressure in the furnace or boiler. And second, increase the flow velocity of the furnace. This is very helpful because when furnaces have leaks, it starts generating positive pressure that can cause gasses to leak.

As one of the best ID fan manufacturers, we make these products based on the fan inlet air temperature. Our products are appropriate for air temperatures below 60° C as well as high-temperature air.

Quality Approach

Quality Approach and Assurance is one of our primary concerns. To ensure the best quality products, we have a quality inspection department that is fully dedicated to evaluating the quality of our products. The team thoroughly checks every raw material very closely and ensures whether it can be used. Also, they do multiple checks of machines and production processes. With this effort, our ID fans are of high quality and are supplied to customers only after stringent inspection at different parameters. We look at offering 100% customer satisfaction.

Network of Distribution

No matter when you want our products, we have developed a large network of distributors. So we can supply products and services anywhere in India. For more information about our product, feel free to contact us.

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