Filter Housings

Mak Pol is a specialist filter housing manufacturer, constructing products that are designed to hold cartridges and bags in a wide range of formats and lengths. Better yet, we are proud to offer an incredibly versatile product range, to suit applications across the entire spectrum of possible process applications.

Mak Pol housing ranges are designed specifically for both liquid and gas applications. Our housings prioritise safe operations, while offering easy-to-use closures for convenience. Available for single stack, multi stack, industrial, hygienic and multi-bag processes, a full housing customisation service is also available, to ensure that you’re using the most effective solution. Furthermore, every housing is etched with a batch number for fail traceability.

All of our filter housing ranges are extremely versatile, with numerous sizes and ports available, as well as various designs to ensure that the most cost-effective option can be offered to suit your specific application.

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