About us

Mak-Pol Industries deals in various types of woven & non-woven filter materials for different kinds of industries for air, liquid, solid, air-solid and liquid-solid filtration. These industries include Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Mining, Metal, Paper, Cement, Health-care, Refining etc.

Our precision fabrics and other filter articles help our clients to get value for money with maximum filtration quality in minimum time. Based on our technical knowledge & experience in this field, we expertise in giving Consultancy and Total-Solution for our clients’ filtration related requirements & problems. Total satisfaction of our customers is the key to the growth of M/S Mak-Pol Industries in the field of industrial fabrics and filtration accessories.

Mak-pol industries has been offering systems, products, equipments and the turnkey project solutions in the fields of Air Ventilation, Air Cooling, Bulk Material Handling, Industrial Blowers & Fans, Air Pollution Control. Fume & Dust Extraction and Filtration Products & Accessories.